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4235 W. Division Street Chicago, IL 60651

A Chicago Service Center Unlike All Others

A Chicago Service Center Unlike All Others

Fast Lane Automotive Training offers the same automotive services you’ll find at traditional repair centers with a twist. See, our center is a training facility that’s geared toward accomplishing two goals with every vehicle we service and repair. The first goal is obvious, to deliver exceptional results for our entire catalog of automotive services. The second is where we separate ourselves from the other repair centers in Chicagoland. Our second goal is empowerment through education.

What do we mean by empowerment through education? We mean exactly that. All of our technicians are students under the direct supervision of ASE Certified instructors. Your entire service visit is handled by students who are passionately pursuing their education with the goal of becoming ASE Certified technicians themselves. So, when you bring your automobile to our garage, you’re helping us better the lives of our students. It’s a win-win!

Training courses available from the ASE Certified instructors at Fast Lane Automotive Training:

Many of our students come from backgrounds that have stacked the deck against them. Through our partnerships with community organizations and initiatives, like our participation in the North Lawndale Employment Network’s Moving Forward Program, we’re helping these citizens improve their job prospects, their earning potential, and their ability to change their future for the better. When you come to us for auto service and repair, you’re playing a significant role in the work that we’re doing. Call (773) 525-0123 or use our helpful contact form to learn more today!