How does training work?


Classes are broken down into sections to cover a wide variety of topics in automotive repair and maintenance that can fit your schedule. Take only the classes you're interested in. Training starts on the shop floor from day one. You'll learn the fundamentals of diagnosing what you're working on as well as how it works. You will work with automobiles that are in need of repair and practice your diagnostic skills in the subject matter you're taking.


What days and times are available for training?

Flex Scheduling lets you choose the days and times that are convenient for you to attend. We're open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 5 pm. Please look at our training schedule to see what classes are available.

When would I finish the classes I take?

Unlike traditional schools that measure your ability by passing a written test in a set number of weeks, we also measure hours spent on diagnosing and repair on an automobile. This type of training prepares you to be a good technician that can diagnose a problem and fix it the first time. That's what all employers are looking for.

Do I get a certification when I complete the class?

Every course has a Certificate of Completion that you earn when you have completed your hours in training. We would also sponsor you to take the ASE Certification Exam on that particular subject matter you've taken once you have met the requirements for that particular exam.

What do I need in order to start training?

We do not have any prerequisites in order for you to start training. If you have low reading and math scores or don't have a High School diploma, we can help you while you're training.

Do I need my own tools?

No. Everything is included with your training. 

Can I work on my own car?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your car to practice on. You can save money by doing it yourself!

I really don't want to do my own repairs on my car, but I want to understand how my car works so I am more prepared to talk to a mechanic. Can I take this class?

Yes! In fact, we will train you on what to look for when doing your regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) on your car so you can be confident when you have to go in for a repair.

I've never worked on a car. Is that ok?

Yes! Even though everything is hands-on, we show you how to use tools, services manuals, and how components work in the car, all at your own pace. 

Do you help in job placement?

Yes, we work with several agencies and employers that are willing to hire. 

How much does the training cost?

A weekly payment of $125 until you have completed the course. Financial help is also offered. Look at our schedule for more information.

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