Brake System


The braking system on an automobile is the most important system on your car and is responsible for slowing you down quickly in order to avoid an accident. However, the brakes are the most overlooked, and oversimplified when it comes to diagnosing and repair. Most people that fix their own brakes only replace the brake pads and occasionally the rotors simply because that's what most people think a "brake job" is.


But there are so many more critical components that make up the braking system in a car that if overlooked, can have serious consequences not only for you and your passengers but for other drivers and pedestrians on the road as well.


This course is designed to go over all aspects of the braking system in a vehicle, including:


  • Disk Brakes

  • Drum Brakes

  • Master Cylinders and Boosters

  • Brake Lines

  • Hydraulic Systems

  • Parking Brake Systems

  • Proportioning Valves

  • Anti-Lock Braking Systems

  • Traction Control Systems

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