Electrical System


Today's vehicles rely heavily on many electrical systems that manage countless functions of an automobile. From keeping the engine running to unlocking and locking the doors, the electrical system is a complex but essential part of any automobile.


It's also the hardest to diagnose if you don't know how an electrical system works, or how to use diagnostic tools correctly.


Electricity is also very hazardous. It's the second leading cause of car fires in the US. Without the proper training in the handling of electrical components, you can do serious damage to other electrical components in a car - or worse: You can seriously injure yourself.


This course is designed to go over all aspects of the electrical system in a vehicle, including:


  • Starting System

  • Charging System

  • Powertrain Management

  • Safety Systems

  • Body Control Systems

  • Lighting Systems

  • Accessories & Optional Equipment

  • Hybrid & EV Systems



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