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Mon-Fri: 9-4 | Sat: 10-5 | Sun: Closed
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4235 W. Division Street Chicago, IL 60651

COVID Safety

We Care About COVID Safety

COVID-19 news is everywhere you look nowadays and 99% of it seems to be bad. We understand it can be frustrating to feel powerless against something unseen, but if we stick together all Chicagoans will have a better chance at a healthy future. To do our part, Fast Lane Automotive Training has modified our usual approach to both servicing your vehicle and training our in-house students; all with an eye toward keeping everyone safe. It’s the least we can do to help our customers, our students and our employees.

So, what steps is Fast Lane Automotive Training taking to ensure the safety of all who come to us for service or training? We’re following CDC and local guidelines for safe operation including:

  • Wearing masks at all times when in close proximity to other people.
  • Wearing single-use gloves inside vehicles and when using shared tools.
  • Maintaining recommended social distancing whenever humanly possible.
  • Continually sanitizing hands and all of the work surfaces around the shop.

At Fast Lane, we understand that the current pandemic has everyone worried about their health and safety. We’re worried, too, and that’s why we’ve taken all of the precautions above, as well as others that take place behind the scenes when our shop is closed. You can feel secure coming to us for both service and training. We’ll get through this together while we do our best to keep each other safe. Call (773) 525-0123 or drop by our Division Street location today!

July Reopening – Fast Lane Automotive Training

As Fastlane prepares to reopen, we are committed to the health and wellbeing of our students and staff. Below are a set of basic rules that everyone must adhere to:

  • Use of face coverings will be required in the building.
  • Safety glasses will be distributed but not required to use unless working on a car or machinery.
  • Temperature screening will be required prior to entering the shop area.
  • Students must sanitize hands upon entering the shop area.
  • Students must adhere to social distancing guidelines (6ft apart) whenever possible.
  • Students that appear to be sick will be sent home (so if you feel sick stay home).

Fastlane Automotive Training will have all tools, parts, and commonly accessed areas such as the front desk, shop area, classrooms and bathrooms sanitized before a students’ arrival.

Reapertura de Julio – Fast Lane Automotive Training

Mientras Fastlane se prepara para reabrir, estamos comprometidos con la salud y el bienestar de nuestros estudiantes y personal. A continuación, hay un conjunto de reglas básicas que todos deben cumplir:

  • Se requerirá el uso de coberturas faciales en el edificio.
  • Se distribuirán gafas de seguridad, pero no es obligatorio usarlas a menos que trabaje en un automóvil o maquinaria.
  • Se requerirá un chequeo de temperatura antes de ingresar al taller.
  • Los estudiantes deben desinfectar las manos al ingresar al taller.
  • Los estudiantes deben cumplir con las reglas de distanciamiento social (6 pies de distancia) siempre que sea posible.
  • Los estudiantes que parecen estar enfermos serán enviados a casa (así que, si se siente enfermo, quédese en casa).

Fastlane Automotive Training tendrá todas las herramientas, piezas y áreas de acceso común, como la recepción, el taller, las aulas y los baños, desinfectados antes de la llegada de los estudiantes.