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Girls 4 Science and the Science of Cars

Girls 4 Science and the Science of Cars

We partnered with Girls 4 Science a nonprofit that focuses on ensuring girls between the ages of 10-18 discover the STEM world. 

Our Spring Session in coalition with Girls 4 Science was composed of six Saturdays (April 2nd -May 7th) in which the girls learned and participated in activities focused on the science of cars. They received hands-on practice on actual vehicles in a fun environment

  • basic oil change
  • preventative maintenance
  • change a flat tires
  • how to safely perform battery jumps etc.
Girls 4 Science STEM

FREE Training through Nonprofit Funding

Girls 4 Science is a non-profit organization that addresses the lack of accessible quality science programs for female youth in the Chicagoland area.

They believe science exposure and increased scientific literacy will equip young women to confidently pursue STEM studies and careers.



Why should girls learn about cars?

Unfortunately, there are all types of people who are more than willing to provide dishonest services to vulnerable populations. Because mechanics is not something that is typically taught to women, they often find themselves in precarious situations that could’ve been easily avoided. 

Girls 4 Science and Fast Lane Automotive want to change this!

We are in 2022 ladies and gentleman! Women continue to break barriers and shatter glass ceilings and the automotive industry is not spared! When we begin teaching our girls about cars, how and why they work they way they do we begin preparing them for the REAL WORLD.

We are doing the work to prepare young girls to deal with VERY common maintenance and emergency procedures. 

When we introduce basic mechanics to our girls we are enabling them to become self sufficient, self reliable and INCREDIBLY independent women for generations to come.