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Electric Vehicle (EVs) Service

Electric Vehicle (EVs) Service

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a great way to lessen your impact on the environment and save money on fuel and maintenance costs. There’s no argument there. However, Fast Lane Automotive offers all the services you will need for your electric vehicle – no matter the make or model. Yes, you don’t ever have to worry about oil changes again, but you will need to think about battery coolant and power levels. Those trade-offs are 100% worth it – especially when you have a mechanic you can trust like the students and ASE Certified instructors at Fast Lane Automotive Training.

We help electric vehicle owners get the most out of their vehicles and ensure safe and optimal operation while both city and highway driving. Today’s batteries can last for up to 200 miles, but some older models may need a new battery to keep moving along. Fast Lane can help with discounted services to offset the high cost of a new battery for your electric vehicle, so why on earth would you go anywhere else? Fast Lane’s got what you need at prices no one else can match!

At Fast Lane Automotive Training, our students, under the direct supervision of ASE Certified instructors, deliver the finest electrical vehicle services for all make and models. Our services include:

  • Diagnostics
  • Battery Testing
  • Battery Replacement
  • Battery Cable & Terminal Repair
  • Batter Coolant Check
  • Power Inverter Coolant Check

Bring your electric vehicle in to Fast Lane Automotive Training for exceptional work from passionate students and save money! That’s right, our services are discounted across the board because you allowed our students the privilege of working on your electric vehicle. And, our ASE Certified instructors guarantee the work is world-class. Call (773) 525-0123 or use our helpful contact form to schedule service today!

Trust Our Training

Fast Lane Automotive Training’s instructors offer world-class service with a mission in mind: to help our students attain real-world skills that translate to brighter futures. We’re A.S.E. certified technicians ourselves and we supervise every step of your service and repair work. There’s no difference in what our students deliver than you’ll find at any reputable garage in town, but our work has a purpose that the others do not. You can be a part of that purpose by bringing your car or truck to us for great service.

Your electric vehicle doesn’t have an engine, but it does require a great service team to keep it running smoothly for years to come. Come by Fast Lane Automotive Training for electric vehicle service from our eager students and get honest answers about electric vehicle from the team that knows them best – Fast Lane’s students and dedicated ASE Certified instructors.

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