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Electrical System Training

Electrical System Training

Today’s vehicles rely heavily on a range of electrical systems to manage countless functions while an automobile is in operation. From keeping the engine running to unlocking and locking the doors, the electrical systems are a complex but necessary part of any automobile. It can also be the toughest to diagnose if you don’t understand how an electrical system works, or how to use the diagnostic tools properly.

Electricity is also hazardous. It’s the second-leading cause of car fires in the US. Without proper training in the handling of an automobile’s electric components, you can do serious damage to other electrical components in a car. Or worse, you can seriously injure yourself. Better to get the training you need to tackle an electrical system with confidence.

The Electrical System training from Fast Lane Automotive Training covers everything you’ll need to know about an automobile’s electrical system including the fundamentals of electrical systems and automotive electricity.

Our training program develops a student’s mastery of the diagnostic and electrical service process through real-world, hands-on training. This includes all aspects of a vehicle’s electrical system including:

  • Starting System
  • Charging System
  • Powertrain Management
  • Safety Systems
  • Body Control Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Accessories & Optional Equipment
  • Hybrid & EV Systems

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Trust Our Training

Fast Lane Automotive Training is unlike the other training centers out there. We’re not here to push you into classes you can’t afford, or to pressure you into debt you can’t handle. Our goal is to help you better your life after you’ve been dealt a bad hand. Our mission, our sole reason for being, is to make Chicago a better place for us all to live by giving those in need the tools and skills they need to make real change in their lives. That’s why we strive to deliver such impactful training each and every day.

Electrical Training from Fast Lane Automotive Training puts you on the road to your Electrical Systems Certificate from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (A.S.E.). This certificate could make all the difference in the world to your career and future. If you qualify, we’ll even sponsor you for this certificate when you complete our training classes!

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